Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas quiz

The First Christmas Card (from Wikipedia)

Multifunctional quiz:

There are five sets of questions, each based on a different aspect of Christmas. Use the dropdown selector on the left to select a set.
  • Christmas time
  • Christmas food and drink
  • Santa Claus
  • The Christmas story
  • Decorations
This quiz can be taken interactively online, or teachers can print it out for use in the classroom (see notes for teachers below).
There are four ways to do the quiz. If you're feeling confident, try the text entry version first. If that's too difficult, try the multiple choice or anagrams.
  • Text entry - the most difficult - enter the word from memory
  • Multiple choice - choose from up to four words
  • Anagrams - a bit harder - each word is shown as an anagram
  • Show all words - all the words are shown in a box at the top

Quiz set: Options: Split (x)
Your exercise will appear here

Notes for teachers

You have certain options. For advanced students you could simply split the students into groups and read out the questions, as in a pub quiz. Setting the Options select to Answer card will give you two printable answer cards. Do one for each set of questions.
In text entry mode, the number of letters of the answer is shown. If you don't want this, uncheck "(x)"
For intermediate plus, you could print copies with multiple choice or anagrams, or some sets multiple choice, some anagrams
Each set has ten or twelve questions. If you want to do only half a set at a time (perhaps more dynamic), tick (check) the "Split" box, and a gap will appear, making cutting them up easier. You could, for example, do half a set as multiple choice and half a set as anagrams, or perhaps half a set as text entry without clues.


My choice of questions has been heavily influenced by other quizzes

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  • a4esl / ieslj - Various quizzes and activities. The quizzes by Laetitia Bradley have more of a British slant
  • ESOL Courses - A lot of activities, mainly for lower levels, but some for Intermediate plus. They look rather good.
  • Learn English Feel Good - a single quiz

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