Sunday, June 30, 2013

Phrasal verbs with get

There are a lot of phrasal verbs with get. Here are a couple of exercises with 24 of them. They are taken from a previous post on various meanings of get and idioms with get, linked to below.

Click and Drop - Click on a word in the box and then click on an appropriate gap. If you change your mind, just repeat the process.

Exercise 1 - Fill the gaps with suitable particles from the box.

back   to   by   across   on   down   up   into   behind   away
1.Do you think the bank robbers will get with it?
2.You're going to get trouble, if you're not careful.
3.What have you been getting to since I last saw you?
4.I sometimes have problems getting my ideas .
5.She got home very late last night.
6.They get like a house on fire.
7.Did you ever get that money you lent him?
8.How she gets on her salary I can't imagine.
9.We're with the orders again. We need to catch up.
10.I know he's a real pain in the neck, but don't let him get you.
11.This weather is really getting me . It's so depressing.
12.I'm really getting writing grammar exercises. It's such fun.

Exercise 2 - Fill the gaps with suitable particles from the box.

off   together   at   out   back   off   on   round   through   over   at   into
1.Come on, it's not that bad. You'll get it.
2.We should all get sometime for a reunion.
3.Apparently Tim got with Samantha after the party.
4.I can't quite get it. My arm won't reach.
5.Do we have to go to their stupid party? Can't we get of it?
6.I must get to sorting out the garden. It's such a mess.
7.Sometimes I find it really hard to get to you.
8.Can't you get work early tomorrow, so we can go to the sales?
9.I'll have to lose some weight. I can't get any of my clothes.
10.He's so critical. He's always getting me for one thing or another.
11.Just you wait, I'll get you for that. Revenge is sweet they say.
12.How are you getting at the new job?

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Answers to the exercises - click on a button and then go back to the exercise.

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