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Random-ise: Milton's Paradise Lost, -ize and -ise verbs

This is part of an investigation I've been doing into the use and spelling of -ize suffix verbs and their spelling (-ize or -ise) in British English. For more details, related posts and the methods I've used, see the -ize / -ise page.

John Milton - Paradise Lost 1667


As an example of the problems of dealing with digitised texts, Google Books comes up with all eight of the instances of advise, but searching the PDF format of the the facsimile at brings up none. I thought this might be due to the practice of using of an f-like letter to represent s in early publishing, and sure enough searching for advife and surprife in the PDF is more successful.
What I have learned is that with digitised books, there seem to be two digital versions: the (photographic?) one we see, and a background plain text version, and it seems to depend on how this latter has been treated as to how successful searching is.
Some of the introductions to the Books seem to be missing from the Project Gutenberg version. The earliest edition I could find at Google Books was from 1733. Clicking on the links will bring up the relevant pages in the London 1733 edition at Google Books. I confess I haven't checked very much with the facsimile version, which seeme to have some serious search problems.

Suffix -ize verbs - 5 instances of 4 verbs


French -ise verbs - 18 instances of 6 verbs


Showing all instances of -ize and -ise as shown in Project Gutenberg

debate; who can advise, may speak.-ise
fire Must exercise us without hope-ise
have what I advise. -ise
Sentence pleas'd, Advising peace: for such-ise
Faded so soon. Advise if this be-ise
regaind, but sat devising Death To-ise
As may advise him of his-ise
Let us advise, and to this-ise
Well thou didst advise, Yet not-ise
dev'lish machination might devise Like instrument-ise
likes them, to despise God and-ise
least sin Surprise thee, and her-ise
detaine thee I devise, Inviting thee-ise
Thou therefore now advise Or hear-ise
without thee can despise. For bliss,-ise
in bad plight, devise What best-ise
Earth Dominion exercise and in the-ise
How can he exercise Wrath without-ise
Serpent: On me exercise not Thy-ise
serv'd but to eternize woe; Till-ize
King, who to surprize One man,-ize
No despicable gift; surmise not then -ise
under him to tyrannize, Marching from-ize
shall beleeve Baptizing in the profluent-ize
thine; there shall surprise The Serpent,-ise
sends To evangelize the Nations, then-ize
sleep, and Dreams advise, Which he-ise

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