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What's all this about

These generators are a bit rough and ready, and certainly not as polished as other generators around. On the other hand, they're quite versatile and my idea is that you can use them quickly, without too much fuss. I find some of the glossier generators a bit of a hassle to use - filling in lots of separate boxes etc.
They are offered very much 'as is', but I hope they might prove useful. I think the best way to see how they work is to play around with them a bit.

Tools currently available.


Standard printable exercise generators

Instant exercise generators

Basic randomiser

Interactive exercise code generator

  • Interactive Gapfill code generator Version 2 - - generates a gapfill exercise and all the code you need to put an interactive exercise on your blog or web page. Updated version of the generator below, which has dealt with a slight problem on the original.


  • Assorted gap fill exercises - editable exercises. Could also be used as a rather versatile gap fill generator
  • Quick gapmaker - This quickly square brackets words for use in any of the gap fill generators. Now incorporated into the 'New improved gapfill printable exercise generator'

Kids' stuff

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Other people's generators and worksheets

A note to developers

I've just made a little discovery. I soon found out that to put Javascript in the Head section, you had to convert entities. But for these generators I didn't want to load up the Head section with script that's only going to be used on one page. So I tried putting the script into the Body section, as I do with answers to the exercises. But when I did this, nothing happened.
Now I've just done a little experiment, and discovered that if you don't convert the entities when your script is in the Body section, but just load the code it its usual form, everything is Hunky-Dory.