Verb patterns

verb + ing, verb + infinitive, verb + that clause

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The tables show the main patterns used for over 400 of the most common verbs when one verb follows another. They also list verbs which can commonly be followed by a that clause, as well as one or two other patterns.
  • verb + to-infinitive
    • verb + to-infinitive
    • verb + obj + to-infinitive
    • Verb + obj + bare infinitive
  • verb + -ing form
    • verb + -ing form
    • verb + obj (or possessive) + -ing form
    • verb + obj + -ing form
  • verb + to-infinitive or -ing form
    • with no difference in meaning
    • with little difference in meaning
    • with a difference in meaning
  • infinitive variations
    • verb + for + obj + to-infinitive
    • verb + infinitive / perfect infinitive
    • verb + bare infinitive
  • verbs that take a that clause
    • verb + that + clause
    • verb + obj + that + clause
    • verb + that + obj + (should) + bare infinitive
  • verbs that can take a wh-word + to-infinitive or clause
    • verb + wh-word + to-infinitive / clause
    • verb + verb + obj + wh-word + to-infinitive / clause
    • verb + whether + to-infinitive / clause
  • constructions with prepositions
    • verb + preposition + -ing
    • verb + preposition + subj + -ing
    • verb + obj + preposition + -ing
Update 4/1/2015 - I've added a couple of extra categories :
  • Verb + object + to be sth (to have done sth)
  • Verb + object + sb/sth (object complement)
  • Verb + two objects - indirect object + direct object
You can also look at individual verbs to see the different ways they can be used.

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These lists have been compiled from various sources: from the following books and from the links below



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Growing up speaking English as my native language, I don't often consider the grammatical structure and use of my words. This is a great article to outline and list verbs. It is only when trying to speak another language that I consider these things.

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