Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teacher tools - Information gap generator

A simple gapfill program which turns a text into an information gap quiz for pairs of students to ask each other alternating questions.
It can also be used for indirect questions - 'Do you know ...', 'Can you tell me ...'
  • There is an option for students to write in their questions first
  • There is a further option to give students hints, for example the first word
  • It can be printed with both students' parts on one page, or separate pages for each student.
  • Includes a teacher copy with both sets of questions

Monday, June 4, 2012

Instant exercise generator - vowel remover plus

Instant exercise generator - vowel remover plus

Make an instant printable exercise from any short text by removing the vowels, consonants (except y) or every second letter. Or show the first letters and jumble up the rest.
It can also remove punctuation and/or spaces and make anagrams automatically or manually. And jumble up user-selected phrases.
Not only texts - you can also remove letters from lists of words or phrases.

Instant exercise generator - Text jumbler

This simple program splits a text into groups of lines, then jumbles up the lines within each group.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Tools - Gapfill Printable Exercise Generator (Version 2)

Currently under testing

New and improved bells and whistles version

  1. Printable / saveable gapfill exercise generator for teachers
  2. Interactive gapfill tester for students (see 'Making an instant exercise')
New! Doc-friendly option - You can now make a more doc-friendly worksheet for copying and pasting into Word etc. This has a very basic layout and will be easier to alter in your word processor.
New! Quick Gapmaker - You can now make gaps quickly by simply clicking on the appropriate words in the Gapmaker.