Monday, June 4, 2012

Instant exercise generator - Text jumbler

This simple program splits a text into groups of lines, then jumbles up the lines within each group.

To see what it does, press then scroll down the page to see an example . It probably works best with relatively short texts.
Mouse over the ? signs and for more information.
Known issues - there is an occasional glitch at the end of the teacher version
1. Enter a title (optional):
2. Enter an image URL (optional)
3. Enter a text:
Note - Leaving a blank line anywhere in the text will split the exercise into two (or more) parts. If you don't want this to happen, make sure there are no blank lines.
If you get one or two lines at the end, play around with the line length and group length selectors to even up the groups. Strange things seem to happen if you have more than 8 words per line.
You can also jumble up the whole text; in other words it won't be divided into groups.
Font:    Border Random
Select: Line length: Group length: Jumble whole text
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