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For students of English

Common errors learners make

Collocations and finding language in context

Quick quizzes - multiple choice

Quick quizzes - sorting

Quick quizzes - matching

Vocab games - matching and memory games

Random quizzes - multifunctional exercises

Random vocab quizzes - multifunctional exercises

Vocab quizzes - multifunctional exercises

Exploring grammar

These are not so much lessons as my attempts to understand quite big topics of grammar.

Random stories - exercises

Grammar - verb types

Grammar - verb forms

Grammar - modal verbs

Grammar - verbs - the passive

Grammar - discussions about the passive

Grammar - non-finite verb forms

Grammar - verb patterns - -ing or infinitive etc

Grammar - phrasal verbs

Grammar - talking about the future

Grammar - emphasis

Grammar - adverbial clauses

Grammar - conditionals, if clauses and unreal past

Grammar - relative clauses and pronouns

Grammar - noun clauses

Grammar - adjectives and adverbs

Grammar - determiners / pronouns

Grammar - determiners - articles

Grammar - determiners - quantifiers

Grammar - discussions on using singular or plural verbs with certain quantifying expressions

Grammar - pronouns

Grammar - lessons and exercises

Grammar - question forms

Grammar - various

Linking devices

Confusable words


Top Ten Words

Vocabulary - word formation

Vocabulary - various

Vocabulary - Word corner etc

Vocabulary - idioms


Vocabulary - Christmas

Vocabulary - expressions

Video materials


Q and A

General language posts

The history series

I've been taking a bit of a break from writing grammar posts recently, and looking at certain aspects of the history of English, with the help of online resources such as Google Books, and Project Gutenberg. These posts are not really aimed at learners, but anyone who finds the history of English, and of those who commented on English, interesting.

Random thoughts on various expressions and their history


Usage controversies


General discussions