Monday, June 4, 2012

Instant exercise generator - vowel remover plus

Instant exercise generator - vowel remover plus

Make an instant printable exercise from any short text by removing the vowels, consonants (except y) or every second letter. Or show the first letters and jumble up the rest.
It can also remove punctuation and/or spaces and make anagrams automatically or manually. And jumble up user-selected phrases.
Not only texts - you can also remove letters from lists of words or phrases.

A simple instant exercise maker for short texts. It can:

Instant exercises

  • Remove all vowels
  • Remove all consonants except y (works better on words than texts)
  • Remove every second letter from each word
  • Show the first letter of each word and jumble up the rest
  • Remove punctuation
  • Remove spaces
  • Remove punctuation and spaces
  • Random anagrams

Almost Instant exercises

  • Specified anagrams
  • Jumbled phrases

Remove letters from a list of words

You can also use the first four options to remove letters from a list of words, to copy and paste into an exercise. Simply put each word onto a separate line, and adjust the line height.

Use for lists of sentences as well as texts.

You can also use all the options on a list of sentences or phrases. Enter each sentence on a separate line.
Hat tip - I got one or two of these ideas from Sean Banville's, but the code is all mine.
To see what it does, press then scroll down the page to see an example.
1. Enter a title (optional)
2. Enter an image URL (optional)
3. Enter or paste in a text

Instant exercises

Simply use 'Select action' (below) to select the type of exercise you want, then click on 'Generate'

Almost instant exercises

First click on then make gaps by surrounding the word or phrase you want to jumble up with square brackets - [some text]. There are two types. Click on each 'EG' and see what happens in the entry box above:
  • Specified anagrams
  • Jumbled phrases
Use 'Select action' to select the type of exercise you want, then click on 'Generate'
Font: Line height
Adjust the line height to give students space to write in the corrected text when there are no gaps.
Select action
After you've generated the exercise, opening it in a new tab makes it easier to save, print or copy and paste into a Word doc (or similar).
Your exercise will appear here

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