Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tools - Gapfill generator

  1. Printable / saveable gapfill exercise generator for teachers
  2. Interactive gapfill tester for students (see 'Making an instant exercise')

Please note - there is now a new improved more printer-friendly version here.

For teachers

With this generator you can make printable gapfill exercises with a variety of ways of showing the gapped words, or not showing them at all (for example for a listening).
You can choose yourself which words to gap, doing it manually. This will be considerably quicker if you use my Quick Gapmaker. There's a link to it in 3. Make the gaps ...
Or for an instant exercise, you can use the automatic gap maker. This makes random gaps or takes away selected groups of words, for example: articles. The buttons for the interactive exercise will not appear in the printed worksheet.
Probably the best way to see how it works is to play around with the examples and all the options for a few minutes.

For students

Any piece of text can instantly become an interactive gapfill exercise, using the automatic gap maker. Just copy and paste the text into the box, use the automatic gap maker, select the type and press Generate.
For interactive exercises you can use the following options: Show words, No show and Anagrams. Or you can choose one of the other options and print it out. Click and Drop - In the Show words option, you can click on the words in the box and then on a suitable gap.

How to use - where you see ? mouse over for more details.

1. Enter the title and instructions (optional): ? Position:
2. Enter a text or a list of questions ? then add gaps ?
3. Make the gaps, manually or automatically Show details
4. Add required treatment to gapwords or text Show details
5. Dividing a longer exercise into two or more. Show details
6. Fine tuning (optional) - reset to
Numbering: Questions (Paras) Gaps Both Neither ?
Box features: Middots ? Repeats ? Lower case ?
Select: Gap width ? Line height ? font ?
7. Select gap word option Show details and
Your exercise will appear here


Printer friendly post

You can open the document in a new tab or window (IE) for printing. Click here. You can open a separate page with the answers by clicking here.
Or you can print as normal from the blog. The exercise will be on Page 2 and the answers on Page 3


  1. WOW. Thank you so much for this tool!!BB

  2. Hello Will, do you have a way to link to the cloze exercise so students can do it interactively, and will not be able to see the original text? On this page I see that the generated cloze and the original text are on the same page. What I want to do is create a cloze, save it, and push it out to students via a link.

  3. Hello, I would like to do the same as Profe Hutton i.e. (not in a blog). Is there an answer to this please?

  4. Hello!
    I have clicked the Generate button but it does not show the code so I can paste it into my website.
    Please help me.