Sunday, October 3, 2010

Who you are is what you eat 2 - Follow up exercise

Here is a vocabulary follow-up exercise to Who you are is what you eat

Click and drop - Fill the gaps by clicking on a word or expression in the top box (in grey) and then on its corresponding box (123) etc. If you change your mind just repeat the process.

1.Come for tea this afternoon, I've been baking treacle .
2.They're Catholics. They go to Mass every Sunday.
3.He went to a very school before going up to Oxford.
4.He always his father. He was like a role model for him.
5.This divorce is getting very . I thought it would be a relatively simple affair.
6.He's not a very looking character, I wouldn't like to meet him on a dark night.
7.They're so snobby, they all the neighbours.
8.Don't pick your nose, dear, it's .
9.Blazing Saddles was a western.
10.She's very . She's finished that report already.

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