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Word corner - fair

The word fair can be an adjective, an adverb and a noun, and has various different meanings, as well as being the basis of several idioms. Here are a couple of exercises to help you suss it out.
Remember not to confuse fair with the noun and verb fare. There are some dictionary links below.

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1. Match these examples with the descriptions of their uses.

1. That sounds like a fair deal
2. We're going to the fair to ride on the dodgem cars
3. That's not fair Mum, he's got more than me
4. There's still a fair amount to do
5. Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest in the world
6. We have a fair chance of completing this before the weekend
7. Her children are all fair, unlike her
8. Every year the university has a jobs fair
9. The outlook for tomorrow is fair
10. We have to play fair with our customers
a)event where businesses, etc show their goods
b)treating people equally
c)temporary entertainment in a field or park
d)bright and not raining
e)acceptable and appropriate in a particular situation.
f)quite good
g)in an acceptable and appropriate way
h)quite large
i)pale (not dark) in colour (esp. of hair or complexion)
j)event where businesses show their employment opportunities

2. There are several idioms with fair.

  • A. Complete the idioms using the words and expressions in the box.
  • B. Then match them to their definitions.
the whip   ·   means or foul   ·   love and war   ·   fair   ·   cop   ·   hearing   ·   middling   ·   than that   ·   square   ·   enough
1.You've asked her out! But I saw her first. - All's fair in
2.I'm determined to get that job, by fair
3.Be patient. Everybody will get a fair crack of
4.How about 10% discount? - That sounds fair to me.
5.And free delivery. Now you can't say fairer
6.Come on, where's my share? Fair's , after all.
7.Let him speak. He at least deserves a fair
8.How are you keeping? - Oh, fair to , I suppose.
9.OK, yes it was me who ate all the cakes. It's a fair
10.For once, we beat our rivals fair and
a)honestly and according to the rules
b)in some situations anything goes to get what you want
c)not too bad, not too good
d)that sounds reasonable
e)It's only right and proper
f)give somebody the chance to tell their side of the story
g)OK. You caught me doing something I shouldn't.
h)if honest methods don't work, use dishonest ones
i)I'm being pretty generous here
j)a reasonable chance to show you can do something, a turn


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