Monday, May 16, 2011

Tools - Matching Exercise Generator (Dual-purpose)

  1. Printable / saveable matching exercise generator for teachers
  2. Interactive vocabulary tester for students (see below)

How to use - try first with the examples - where you see ? mouse over for more details

1. Enter the title and instructions (optional): ? Position:
2. Enter a vocabulary list into this box ? (See basic instructions)
Show basic instructions
Show instructions for using alternative separators
Show how to divide worksheet into 2 or more exercises (not working in Internet Explorer - will investigate)
3. Fine-tuning - Number Qs ? Select: font ?
4. Select format ? and Number exercises:
You can play around and generate again as many times as you like. See note below about switching lines. The contents of the box(es), i.e. the buttons and the Swap stuff, will not appear in the printed version. See below for printing and saving.

Click and Drop - Click on the appropriate option (in grey), then click on the box where you want it to go. If you change your mind, just click on another option and then on the box again.

Your exercise will appear here
Made with the Matching generator at


Printer friendly post

You can open the document in a new tab or window (IE) for printing. Click here. You can open a separate page with the answers by clicking here.
Or you can print as normal from the blog. The exercise will be on Page 2 and the answers on Page 3

Saving your work - open a new document as above

You can save it by clicking:
  • Firefox - File > Save Page As
  • Internet Explorer - File > Save as ... > Webpage, HTML only
  • Chrome - doesn't seem to want to save
  • Opera - Menu > Page > Save as > HTML file
  • Safari - doesn't seem to want to save
Alternatively just copy (Right click > Select All to get the table qualities) and paste the whole thing into a word processing document, and then you can modify it to your own requirements. You could for example add another exercise.

Finding vocabulary

There are various websites you can go to which have vocabulary lists
Notes - Some websites, like English Page, have tables of words and definitions. Just copy the table into the box, add dividers (\) between the words and definitions, 'Generate', and you have a ready made interactive or printable vocab exercise (with answers).
Or keep your own word lists in whatever document format you like, and copy and paste them into the box.


  1. It seems to be rather complicated :(

  2. Sorry that you feel that. It may be because I wanted to give users (which includes me) the possibility of choosing from a few options.

    If you just use the default option (spaghetti format), though, I would have thought it's just a matter of entering the words and pressing a button. But I'm so used to it, perhaps I take certain things for granted.

  3. Thanks for sharing this tool.
    How to make it interactive? Where is the generated html code?

  4. Hi,
    I love this blog and the tools you have created here Will, thank you so much. I want to be able to incorporate the tools into my online courses via
    I had found (I thought), on a gapfill tool creator, to add an image to the sentence with a gap. For example, I would like to be able to have a list with:

    This is (image: grass)
    These are (image: elephants)

    ...but I can´t seem to find the tool with the option to add an image any more.

    Can you direct me to the right area please? I will need to be able to upload the code for the exercise ont the website too.


  5. HI, ME AGAIN...