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Phrasal verbs based on give

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There are relatively few phrasal verbs based on the verb give, but some of them have more than one meaning. Test your knowledge with these exercises. If you get stuck, you can check their meanings at the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary linked to below (scroll down to Phrasal verbs).

Click and Drop - In each exercise click on a word in the box and then click on an appropriate gap. If you change your mind, just repeat the process.

Exercise 1 - Use the particles in the box to complete the sentences.

away   ·   back   ·   in   ·   out   ·   over   ·   up  
1. She's having a few problems, but she doesn't give easily and I expect she'll succeed eventually.
2. United's pathetic defence managed to give two goals to City.
3. Hey, stop doing that, you! Give , or I'll give you a clip over the ear.
4. I've finally decided to give smoking for good.
5. Their food supplies finally gave after three days.
6. She's given chocolates for Lent.
7. The car engine just gave and stopped working.
8. We had given all hope of ever seeing her again.
9. Children! My patience is fast giving . Now, do as you're told.
10. She gave the documents to her lawyer for safe-keeping.
11. She always gives her homework to the teacher on time.
12. Have you given him the money you borrowed?

Exercise 2 - Use the particles in the box to complete the sentences.

away   ·   in   ·   off   ·   out   ·   over   ·   up  
1. They invited the princess to give the prizes at the horse show.
2. We waited nervously as our teacher gave the exam papers.
3. If you won the lottery, would you give your job?
4. They gave to the invading army without a fight.
5. He's always giving his seat to attractive young women. The charmer!
6. Realising the game was over, the bank robber gave himself to the police.
7. At the weekends he gives himself to gardening.
8. The hotel finally gave to our demands and gave us a refund.
9. His coughed, giving his position to the soldiers searching the house.
10. I hate having to give my weekend when we have to work overtime.
11. She tried to keep a straight face, but gave the game when she burst out laughing.
12. This milk is giving rather a nasty smell. Do you think it's OK?

Exercise 3 - Use the particles in the box to complete the sentences.

away   ·   back   ·   onto   ·   out   ·   over   ·   up  
1. The gallery is given to works by local artists.
2. She's given on him ever doing anything round the house.
3. The back of the house gives an enormous garden.
4. They had to give their passports to the police.
5. It's usually the bride's father who gives her at the wedding.
6. Doctors have managed to give him the use of his legs.
7. News has just been given that the princess is pregnant.
8. If my boyfriend treated me like that I'd give him just like that.
9. These Aga stoves give a lot of heat, don't they?
10. Here you are at last! We'd given you for lost.
11. She gives a lot of her money to good causes.
12. OK. I give . What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?


A quick word on give up and give in

In some circumstances these two are very similar and even interchangeable. Let's look at some definitions from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary:

give in

  • to admit you have been defeated by somebody or something
    The rebels were forced to give in.
  • to agree to do something you do not want to do
    The authoritites showed no sign of giving in to the kidnappers'demands.

give up

  • to stop trying to do something
    They gave up without a fight.
    She doesn't give up easily.
    I give up - tell me the answer.
To me, give up suggests that it is the activity itself that gets too much for someone, whereas give in suggests that you yield or surrender to somebody else. In the three examples of give up, we could replace up with in if there was somebody else involved. Similarly, in the first example of give up, we could substitute up with in. But in the second example with to, we only use in:
  • He gave in to temptation
    NOT He gave up to temptation
In the exercises, I've used the answer I think is most likely, but there are a couple of questions where you could have a choice: Show explanation

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