Saturday, November 1, 2014

Teacher tools - Word shapes

Note - This is a bit of an experiment and is currently in testing mode
The program turns words into shapes, depending on the look of the letters. I'd seen this idea on a couple of websites offering stuff for kids, and I thought it might be fun to work something out.
You can choose between:
  • Word shape only (could be used with separate picture or definition cards)
  • Anagrams inline with word shapes
  • Words shown randomised in a box above word shapes
  • Pictures randomised in a box above word shapes
  • Word shapes with definitions
  • Pictures + anagrams + word shapes
  • Pictures inline with word shapes

Picture credits - for the example I've used images from Wikipedia - to see the credits (with links to the media files - with full-size versions and links to their authors) click on Show credits
Title Entry Box:
Main Entry Box:


  • List words in the box above, each on a separate line -
  • To add definitions, add a backslash (\) and then add the definition -
  • To add pictures, add a backslash (\) and then the picture details* -
* for the moment picture details can only be a URL. Images might not work in IE8.
Note 1 - it might look a bit cramped on this blog, but should look fine when you open it in a new tab
Note 2 - you'll get rather strange results if you've loaded definitions and choose pictures, and vice versa.
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  1. Hi! in fronting, exercise 3, number 12 " out car side a street of ..."

    I cannot seem to work out the answer, and I have tried the buttons, but they don´t open the page. Could you be so kind to tell me this answer?
    Thanks a lot.