Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vocab quizzes - Gardens and gardening

These quizzes have three main ideas:
1. Dictionary resources - Take advantage of the online resources at the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (OALD) and the Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary (M-WVD).
2. Learn progressively - You can start off with the easier options such as multiple choice, and when you think you know most of the answers, you can move onto Text entry.
3. Dip in and out - You don't have to do everything at one sitting. Do a little and come back later, perhaps in a more difficult format.

pleasure garden - Visual Dictionary Online

Interactive formats (all also printable)

  • Multiple choice - usually 5 options for each question
  • Shows the words in a box at the top
  • Shows the missing words as anagrams
  • Students fill in the text without visual clues

Printable non-interactive formats

  • Show first letter of missing words
  • Show a dash for each letter of the missing word
  • Combo - first letter and dashes
  • Show consonants only
  • Show vowels only


  • Multichoice - Click on one of the alternatives
  • Show all words - Click on a word in the box and then click on an appropriate gap.
  • Anagrams and Text entry - Type in the answers

1. The Garden

2. Plant parts

3. Plants

4. Flowers

5. Gardening verbs

6. Gardening tools and equipment

7. Gardening idioms

8. Growth idioms

9. 'Garden' songs

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You can make clean copies of each exercise for printing. Each section will be on a separate page, starting with 'The garden' on Page 2, so do a 'Print preview' to make sure you only print what you want. You can make a teacher copy with answers by clicking on 'Show'. Make sure you 'Clear' before printing student copies.


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