Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Advertising slogans past and present - gapfill quiz

Try your hand at completing some of Britain's best known advertising slogans.

For each exercise, click on a word in the box and then click on an appropriate gap. If you change your mind, just repeat the process.
arm   · best   · favourite   · helps   · lady   · nut   · rest   · size   · talk   · XXXX
1. A Mars bar a day helps you work, and play. (chocolate bar)
2. It's good to . (British Telecom - telephone system)
3. Are you a Cadbury's Fruit & case? (chocolate)
4. And all because the loves Milk Tray (Cadbury's chocolate)
5. The world's airline (British Airways)
6. Probably the beer in the world (Carlsberg beer)
7. Australians wouldn't give a for anything else (Castlemaine beer)
8. It's what your right 's for (Courage beer)
9. As with so much in life, matters. (Renault Clio car)
10. Every little . (Tesco supermarkets)
break   · comment   · finger   · good   · meanz   · reach   · robots   · tank   · tin   · vague  
1. Put a tiger in your . (Esso petrol)
2. Hand-built by . (Fiat Strada car)
3. Guinness is for you.
4. Don't be . Ask for Haig. (Haig Scotch Whisky)
5. Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot .
6. Beanz Heinz. (baked beans)
7. Have a . Have a Kit-Kat.(chocolate bar)
8. No FT, no . (Financial Times newspaper)
9. lickin’ good. (KFC)
10. It does exactly what it says on the . (Ronseal varnish)
appliance   · expensive   · fingers   · melts   · money   · thirst   · voom   · wait   · worth   · yellow  
1. Because I'm it (L'Oréal cosmetics)
2. The milk chocolate that in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)
3. Lipsmackin' quenchin' acetastin' motivatin' goodbuzzin' cooltalkin' highwalkin' fastlivin' evergivin' coolfizzin' Pepsi.
4. You'll wonder where the went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent. (toothpaste)
5. Reassuringly . (Stella Artois beer)
6. Let your do the walking. (Yellow Pages)
7. The of science. (Zanussi household electrical equipment)
8. Twice the va va . (Renault Clio)
9. Good things come to those who . (Guinness)
10. There are some things can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.

Play on words

Several of these ads use word play. Once you've done the exercises, click on Show, and try and work out the double meanings in the examples.

Advertising slogans used in everyday life

Quite a few advertising slogans become part of everyday language. According to a survey, reported in the Telegraph, the top three to be used like this in 2008 were from Guinness, Tesco and Ronseal. From my own experience, the one from Ronseal - it does exactly ... - has definitely entered everyday English.
I'm hoping to follow this up in a week or two with a post on humour in British TV advertising.

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