Saturday, February 4, 2012

Idiomatic matching pairs with and

There are quite a few idiomatic pairs in English joined with 'and', such as 'bits and pieces'. Match the pairs and use them in context with this double quiz.

By default, the pairs are randomised when you open this exercise. If you would rather see them in alphabetical order, just uncheck the 'randomised' box. The exercise should load automatically. If there are any problems click on 'Start'
Use the 'next' and 'prev' buttons to cycle through the pages
You can vary the number of questions shown with the selector. This could be useful for printing, or for those with smaller screens. If you print, only the exercsie will show.
Click and drop - Where you see this sign, mouse over for instructions
Questions per page Randomised
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  • Ex 1. Match the beginnings and endings in the top section, then check
  • Ex 2. Complete the sentences in the bottom section by entering the pairs


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