Friday, August 10, 2012

Weird and wonderful determiners

This exercise is really just to test test out a generator program I've just published. But it can also act as a taster for an upcoming post on determiners.
umpteenth   ·  said   ·  certain   ·  any old   ·  us   ·  we   ·  them   ·  yonder   ·  sod all   ·  you   ·  nth   ·  umpteen  
Click and Drop click on a word or phrase in the box above and then on the appropriate gap.
1.It doesn't matter which; one will do.
2.There's milk left in the fridge. I'll have to go and buy some.
3.I was just talking quietly to this policeman when policeman arrested me for loitering!
4.I've asked him times, but he always forgets.
5.Hey, mate! Have you got one of thingummies for opening beer? bottles
(dialect / non-standard - used instead of 'those')
6.For the time, will you please do as you're told!
7.She's a perfectionist and always does everything to the degree.
8.That's how teachers feel about these things.
9.People sometimes find British a bit reserved.
10.At the foot of mountain there runs a clear stream.
(old fashioned / dialect / poetic) - means 'over there'
11.I hope students have all done your homework.
12.There's a Je ne sais quoi about him.
This exercise (3) has been made using a free generator and script at Random Idea English

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