Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Vocab game - Extreme adjective quiz

This is a bit of an experiment to try out a new program. If you were simply looking for a list of of gradable and ungradable adjectives, you can find one here.
The quiz has forty pairs of gradable and extreme adjectives, divided into four sets of ten pairs each. You can do them in the order given or they can be randomised.


First, decide whether you want the whole list randomised or not, then select a quiz.
There are three levels of difficulty. I suggest you do each level in turn. Use the 'Select Type' selector to start the exercise. The cards will be re-shuffled each time.
  1. Easiest - Matching columns - divided into expressions and definitions
  2. A little more difficult - Matching mixed - expressions and definitions mixed up
  3. Most difficult - Pelmanism - memory game
Click on a card, then find its matching card and click on that.
Randomised Quiz Select


More on extreme adjectives

Check out my post on Gradable and ungradable adjectives for lots of information about how to use extreme, absolute and gradable adjectives, along with several exercises.


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