Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vocab game Animal trivia quizzes

The game has eight quizzes related to animals:
  • Types of animal - match the animal to its group
  • Like with like - match two of the same type
  • Males and females
  • Groups - match the animal with its group name
  • Homes - what the animal lives in
  • Parts - match special parts of the body with an animal
  • Young - what we call their young
  • Habitats - what sort of landscape they live in


There are three levels of difficulty. I suggest you do each level in turn. Use the 'Select Type' selector to start the exercise. The cards will be re-shuffled up each time.
  1. Easiest - Matching columns - divided into espressions and definitions
  2. A little more difficult - Matching mixed - expressions and definitions mixed up
  3. Most difficult - Pelmanism - memory game
Click on a card, then find its matching card and click on that.
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