Saturday, September 18, 2010

Follow up exercise to those random thoughts

In the previous post I talked about certain differences between US and UK English, and one of the examples I gave was the attitude to possible options in defining relative clauses. So it seemed appropriate to follow it up with an exercise.

Relative clauses

If you need help with the basic principles of relative clauses, you can refresh your memory at English Grammar 4U online. You'll find some more exercises there as well.

Choose the appropriate relative pronoun or adverb. We'll do it the purist way. Use 'that' when possible, and omit the relative pronoun altogether if you can, by selecting (-) Click and drop - Fill the gaps by clicking on a word or expression in the top box and then on its corresponding box (123) etc. If you change your mind just repeat the process.

(-)   where   whose   whom   that   which   when   who  

1.This is the camera I was telling you about
2.Yesterday we went for a long walk, was nice.
3.The couple are talking to Sue are from Germany.
4.Those people over there, are from Switzerland by the way, are really charming.
5.This is the village in we spent on our honeymoon.
6.And that's the hotel we stayed.
7.The man car we borrowed was incredibly helpful.
8.I'll never forget the day I started school.
9.This area looks at its best during autumn, the trees are all sorts of shades of yellow, gold, copper and bronze.
10.She gave the money back to the person had lent it to her.
11.The man she had borrowed it from was leaving the next day.
12.To it may concern, this is the end of this exercise.

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