Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More on Samsø

Some more links for Samsø.

Photo by Phil LaCombe at  Flickr (some rights reserved)

A video from CBS starring a farmer with a very dry sense of humour who likes to be somewhat economical with his words. The accompanying text is here, with a couple more videos.

And here's another video, this time from Al Jazeera

The Guardian has an excellent set of photos

There is rather a long article at the New Yorker magazine, and a slightly shorter one at Time magazine.

Scientific American has another long article, with a slide show.

The Energy Academy
Photo by Phil LaCombe at Flickr (some rights reserved)

And even the Sun gets in on the act, managing to get at least one photo of a leggy girl into the story. But in fact this article also has some excellent photos of the island and is well worth a read for its more chatty style.

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