Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solidarnosć thirtieth anniversary

Solidarnosć strike at Gdańsk 1980 (Wikipedia)

 NB This is a discussion lesson for Polish students of English

This is the thirtieth anniversary of Solidarnosć (The Polish trade union Solidarity). What are your first comments / reactions?

See if this lady has the same ideas.

Do you agree?

Now watch this video about the birth of Solidarnosć (or watch it on YouTube)

How do you think Solidarnosć has changed over the years?

Read this article from Radio Free Europe about the anniversary and the beginnings of Solidarnosć.

What are your thoughts now? Discuss.

Read this article from Associated Press via Yahoo about Wałęsa and the celebrations.

What does Wałęsa mean - Solidarnosc should be a social movement?
What is the relationship between Solidarnosc and PIS?
Does this matter? After all in the UK the trade unions are closely associated with the Labour Party (in fact they founded it in the 19th century)

And here is a short article from the Wall Street Journal  concentrating on the differences between then and now. Does this match with your impressions?

And finally a video from CNN on old and new industries in Gdańsk

“A new dynamic Poland emerges ...”. Do you agree?

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