Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random quiz - Articles

Practise your articles with these short texts.
Even advanced students can have problems with English articles, especially if their own language, like Polish for example, doesn't have them.

When you press Start quiz, the program will show you the newest text. When you've completed this you can go on to the next text. Or you can click on Random to find a random text.
This is still in the experimental stage so may be a bit buggy. There are only a few texts at the moment, but my plan is to gradually add more to build up a library, so that hopefully students will be able return now and then and find something new.
To start at the beginning again just press Start quiz once more.
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Unknown said...

__principal landmark in York

with any variant (zero article, a/an, the) the article remains red. I think, there is an error in the system.