Monday, August 22, 2011

Random quiz - Dependent prepositions after nouns

This quiz is based on a list of around 60 nouns with their dependent prepositions.

Instructions and basic principles.

When you press Start quiz, the program will randomise the list and show you the first ten questions. When you've completed these you have a choice:
1. - You can select 'Options' - 'Text entry' and repeat the ten questions, this time typing in the answers, which is a bit more difficult.
2. - Or you can move on to the next ten, by pressing Next. You can repeat as many times as you like until you have been through the whole list.
I'd rather do the nouns in alphabetical order - Fine. Just uncheck the 'Randomised' box. But remember that this will start the quiz from the beginning again.
Note - Sometimes there is more than one possible answer. The program, however, knows only the answer I've given it, so if it marks you wrong, just try a different alternative.
To start at the beginning again just press Start quiz once more.

A word on nouns with dependent prepositions

  • They often take the same preposition as their corresponding verb
    - to depend on - dependence on
  • They are often more formal than their verb equivalents, and some of the example sentences reflect this.

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Unknown said...

This is exactly the kind of random quiz generator I am looking for to use with my Spanish classes! Have you released it for general use yet? Does it have the capability to grade itself?

Warsaw Will said...

Hi. Thanks for the compliment. Incidentally it's not really a totally random quiz generator. The quiz consists of some seventy questions I wrote out. What is random is the selection of those questions each time you visit.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by general use. Do you mean as a program that you can use on your site, or for printing out random selections from a list of questions.? In either case, no, but I might have a think about it. And also what do you mean by 'grade itself'? It will give you a score, but it doesn't store any information. Or do you mean grade by difficulty of question? I've written a couple of other quizzes graded for difficulty, but I can't for the life of me remember which!

You might also be interested in one based on a bank of 500 sentenses using phrasal verbs here -'ll find a few other 'random' quizzes in the contents page, including more on dependent prepositions.