Sunday, August 21, 2011

Random vocab quiz - Cooking verbs

This multifunctional quiz is based on a list of nearly 60 verbs related to cooking and food preparation.

Multifunctional quiz:
  • Multiple choice - probably the easiest option - choose from up to four words
  • Show all words - all ten words are shown in a box at the top
  • Anagrams - a bit harder - each word is shown as an anagram
  • Text entry - the most difficult - enter the word from memory
Notice - Testing mode - This is a new program I'm trying out, so there may be some rough edges. Also the definitions could do with a bit of work being done on them. But I wanted to get it 'out there' to test it. Any problems, please leave a comment.
When you press Start quiz, the program will randomise the list and show you the first ten questions. When you've completed the first ten, you a choice:
You can try the page again in a more difficult mode - just change the mode selector and nothing else.
Or you can move on to the next ten, by pressing Next. You can repeat as many times as you like until you have been through the whole list.
I'd rather do the verbs in alphabetical order - Fine. Just uncheck the 'Randomised' box. But note that this will take you back to the beginning.
Learn progressively - The idea is that you can start off with the easier options such as multiple choice, and when you think you know most of them, you can move onto Text entry.
To start at the beginning again just press Start quiz once more.
Quiz options:
Questions per page Randomised
Showing Qs out of a total of
Your exercise will appear here

Links - Cooking and food preparation verbs


Baiba said...

Awesome quiz! Four in one - doing the same words 4 times should lead to knowing them in the end, I am sure!
Why don't you go public with your wonderful quiz creator?

Warsaw Will said...

I have gone a little public by putting a couple of worksheet generators on the blog (see Tools).

I'm also working on a matching exercise code generator for people to put an exercise on their blogs, but I'm having one or two problems with it. It's one thing if I mess up this blog, quite another if I mess up someone else's. And I want to keep this as a fun activity.

My advantage, if I have one, is that I write both the material and the code, so I can adapt it accordingly.

For example, you made me realise there was a flaw with this quiz. When you changed mode, the quiz went back to zero, when the obvious thing would be to repeat the material you had just done in a more difficult mode.

Especially as the whole idea with these 'Random Quizzes' is that they can contain a lot of material that students can dip in and out of.

Luckily this only took a minute to fix, so thanks to you, it now works in a more logical fashion..